Your Photography Business Need Car Insurance

If you’re a photographer, you know how hard it can be to get clients, especially when starting out. You have to think about how to advertise your business while trying to bring in money to stay afloat.

You need to earn a living while working on drumming up business for your photography business. Since you would like to learn more on how to succeed with it, here are some tips and tricks that include that your business need car insurance.

Everybody start off somewhere before they can even succeed in life. It does take time and energy to get things going but it will all pay off. You chose the photography field for a few reasons. The freedom to be creative with what pictures to take, customers you want to pay you for your expertise and to learn the longer you stay in business.

How much money do you think you need in order to survive? Think about rent, utilities, cable internet, etc. You need to factor in how you can make more than enough money to pay for your photography business too. That’s why you got into the field.

If You Drive, Get Car Insurance

As a photographer, you need to get yourself covered before someone decides to sue you. If you do drive, having car insurance is necessary especially since it’s required whether you own a business or not. Anyone that drives and own a vehicle should get one. You should talk to different agents that offer many types of insurance companies and get their quotes. Whatever is the cheapest isn’t always a great deal.

Do some more research before you sign up with one because if you get the one that you pay a lot more money for, that extra deal would be a waste of money. This car insurance broker in Barrie has really good rates. If you purchase too little amount of insurance, there would be more money coming out of your pocket to make up for the difference. It is important to get the right amount so you can save up extra money for your photography business while saving the extra money for retirement account.

Purchase Items On Sale

The point of being in business for yourself is that you want to decide how to live out your life instead of someone else especially if you currently have a day job. You won’t be in it forever as long as you take some time to work on your business. Get items that are on sale instead of paying full price in order to save as much money as you can get. Depending on what kind of photography business, you might end up paying more for more things that are needed compare to any other options. Go online and/or in person to find them on sale.

Work on Marketing Your Business Even If It Succeeds

Marketing is the way to go if you want to have your business going years after years to where people will remember you. Use the free marketing platforms as much as you can because when you do that, you’re saving yourself more money to reinvest and live off of. Before you know it, you quit your day job and just live off of your photography business income.

Four Exciting Tasks to Capture through Photography

If you are someone who enjoys taking pictures and capturing great moments with the skills that you have you possess then you will always be on the lookout for new opportunities and events that are waiting to be recorded.

There are many opportunities for you to use your photography to capture great things in the world, and you should always remember to be creative in the way that you work and the ideas that you consider. Always keep an open mind when it comes to the picture taking that you are doing and the way that you are working. There is much out there for you to do and see if you only keep your mind open.

Four Exciting Tasks to Capture through Photography

1. The planting of a garden is something that can really be captured in a way that is interesting and exciting. If you are looking for a task that is being done that you will be able to capture with your camera this is a great option. The magic of the garden growing up is something that you will be able to record after you have already photographed the planting that took place. If you are seeking to make special memories make sure that you take the time to capture the planting of a garden.

2. Dog training is a great task that you can capture with your camera. When someone is training a dog and helping it to grow up in a good way and gain the knowledge that it will need you can use your camera to capture the love between the trainer and the dog. When you are seeking to capture a pet in a way that is special you can do that by capturing the training process. Those who have dogs in their lives will love having images of that dog being trained to hold onto and cherish.

3. When someone is learning to dance you can capture all that they are learning through the help of your photography skills in the same way that you would capture the training of a pet. You can show the progress that one goes through by capturing pictures of them as they learn more and more about dancing.

4. The cutting of an individuals hair is a great task to capture with your camera. It does not have to be an individual’s first haircut in order to be worthy of picture taking. You can capture any haircut and make it into something special. As a photographer you can make any haircut worthy of pictures. When you are seeking new tasks to capture a haircut or the styling of hair are great options for you and will look beautiful in pictures.

As someone who enjoys all that photography is and all of the joy that it brings you simply need to keep your mind open and you will have options out there for what you can use as subjects and scenarios to capture. There is always something waiting to be frozen in time.

Five Times to Put Your Photography Skills to Use

As someone who loves photography you are probably on a search for special times that you can capture using your skills. You don’t want to stick to posed pictures you want to have the chance to capture things that are new and different. You want to use your photography to capture moments that one would not always capture. You want to test yourself and push yourself by capturing moments that are not perfect.

Here you will find five ideas that will help you as you seek to do something new and different with your photography. Grab your camera, there are great ideas out there for you when you are looking to capture something new and different.

Five Times to Put Your Photography Skills to Use

1. Choose to capture a playtime between your child and his/her friends. If you are looking for a way to test your skills and to push yourself this is a great option. Children are always on the go, and you don’t want to mess with that. Without bothering the children who are playing or asking them to pose step in and capture random candid moments. These pictures will be great ones to bring out in years to come.

2. Capture pictures of home improvement projects that are being completed in your home. If you have carpenters in the home adding a new railing to your staircase you want to use your photography to capture what they are doing. If you and your family are changing your water softeners you can capture that project, too.

3. Visit a senior citizen home and capture candid photos throughout the place – with permission, of course. Allow the family members of the individuals in the pictures to print the pictures that they like to keep and cherish.

4. Choose to capture housework as it is being completed. If your son is out raking the leaves get outside and capture pictures. This is something that you will want to remember in the future. If your child is working on the dishes you can capture photos of that, too. Consider taking before and after photos when your child is cleaning their bedroom – this might even be motivation to get them to clean.

5. Capture photos of bedtime with your children. Don’t wake the children, simply snap photos in the dim light when they are asleep. This will truly put your skills to the test as you try to capture great pictures without a lot of light. Turn on the nightlight and sneak into the bedroom to capture pictures that you are going to hold onto for a long time. You will not be able to get these pictures after the children are grown, you need to capture them now.

You can use your photography in a variety of ways, and you can put your skills to use each day. The key is to stay creative and keep your mind open when it comes to new opportunities and ideas. Be willing to think outside the box as you use your photography skills.

4 Tips For Setting Up Your Photography Studio

When you are first setting out on the journey to own your own photography business there are so many different things for you to keep in mind, one of them being the studio that you are going to set up for yourself.

There will be a lot of stress involved in making the decisions for your new studio, but overall the process of getting it up and running should be fun.

You should be able to feel excited about the future of your business, and in order to keep your mind on the positive things, here are a few tips for how to set up a great photography studio.

How To Set Up A Great Photography Studio

1. Keep it Simple. It’s easy to go overboard with the amount of things that you would like to do with your studio, and all of the furnishings that you would like to include in the place, but since your studio will probably be a relatively small place, it would be a good idea for you to keep things toned down.

Go with the minimum furnishings and decor while still keeping things cozy and inviting.

2. Make sure that the design of everything is down just right. Make sure that you have good lighting and good space to take your pictures in. And make sure that you have every little detail of the space taken care of and figured out, even the bathroom design.

You’ll want to include a small bathroom with a nice shower head in the space to meet your needs and those of your customers, and you’ll want to make sure that the room is just as nice as the rest of the space. Get everything figured out, and then go ahead and make your space beautiful.

3. Include color in the space. While you won’t want to go overboard with the amount of decorations that you put in your studio, make sure that you include some color in the space so that everyone can see your artistic side.

You might want to consider blowing up some of your favorite works and hanging them on the walls. It will be a great way to show some color and to show off your skills at the same time.

4. Make sure that everything feels good to you. Move around the space once you have set it up and adjust a piece of furniture here or a light there. Make sure that everything is made to your comfort, so that when you have your first client come into the space you will be confident.

You’ll want to love your studio, so that you will not want to leave it even after your clients have gone for the day, and you will want to make sure that you make the space all you.

Follow all of the above instructions and you will be sure to end up with a studio that you will feel proud to be running. You won’t be able to wait to get your first client to come in when it’s a space that you love.

5 Tips for Photographing a Home

There are many reasons as to why someone would want to photograph their house. As a home builder in Perth, Australia, we’re always hiring photographers to take pictures of our homes to show off our properties.

There are five tips when taking a photograph of a home to help make sure it comes out looking great.


Clean Up

There are some things that people may overlook that will make a big difference in the photograph. This includes mowing the grass, weeding the garden, trimming the bushes, cleaning out the gutters, and putting clutter away. This will make the home look some much better and takes a short amount of time to do.

Find an angle that will show the dimensions of the home the best. This will also allow the homeowner to pick what they want in the background. Check out the different angles and find the one that makes the home look the best.
Weather Plays a Role

When the weather is cloudy the house will actually look better. This will give a person the chance to show off the lighting. There will be no shadows to deal with either. Too much sun can cause shadows and rain or snow can take away from the home.

Play with the Lighting

To make the home look inviting there has to be a good balance of light coming from the inside of the home as well as the outside of the home. If a person takes the picture in the middle of a sunny day no one will be able to see the inside lighting through the window. When the sun is beginning to set a person will be able to show the natural glow of the home from both the inside of it and the outside.

Camera Setting Make a Difference

When taking a photograph of the home be sure to use professional equipment with many different options. There is a setting on the camera known as the RAW setting. When a person goes back to take a look at the pictures this setting will allow them to change the light.

A person will be able to get a balance of the light from the outside and the inside of the home. This setting will allow a person to play with different lighting options until they find a good balance that makes the home look inviting.

These tips should be considered before photographing a home. With the natural light a person may only have a ten minute time period to get thing right. If a person is still preparing the home they may miss out on the chance to take the perfect picture.

Photographing a home can be helpful in many different ways. If a person takes the time to adjust the lights and find the best angle of the home they can get a great picture.

You can find more of our work at Promenade Homes.

How to Design an Awesome Flyer in Five Easy Steps

As a photographer, I’m always looking for ways to showcase my work. Other photographers ask me all the time how they can market themselves.

Well, when you have something that you would like to bring to the attention of the world, a flyer is one way that you can get information out.

When you are looking to share news about an event or a cause with the world around you, you can do that through the help of a flyer.

Here’s a printing company that I like to use, by the way, if you need someone.

You can design a flyer to meet any need and to spread the word about absolutely anything, and you can get this job completed in five easy steps.

How to Design an Awesome Flyer in Five Easy Steps:

1. Spend some time thinking and brainstorming. You need to know just what you would like the flyer to hold before you start working on its design. Get an idea of the message that you want to spread and the look that you would like to have the flyer hold.

2. Open up an editing program on your computer and start to type in the message that you would like the flyer to hold. Just type it up in a simple way, you can move the words around later.

Make sure that you share all of the information that you would like the world to know. Type and type until you have it all down and you are ready to move on.

3. Find images to place in your flyer. No matter what kind of a message you are hoping to spread with your flyer, you can find images online that will go with that message. Find the images that you want and download them. Have the images ready as you move on to the next step in the designing process of your flyer.

4. Organize things. Set the flyer up in the way that you would like it to be. Move the text around and insert the images that you have found. Change things up a little and trying adding titles to the text.

Keep working on the design until you are happy with the look and you feel that it is something that will be easy to read. You want the flyer to draw attention, and you want it to be something that will actually be read.

5. Print out the flyer. You get to decide if you want to use colored ink or if you would rather stick with black. You get to pick the paper that you will use when you are printing the flyer – would you like to use a bright color or simply white?

You can use shiny or matte paper to print your flyer, depending on your own personal tastes and how you would like the finished item to look.

Creating your own flyer for any reason can be done in a simple and easy fashion. Make sure that you always include a bit of yourself in the work that you complete, to really help the flyer that you create to shine and attract attention.

Do you want to print business cards instead? Check out that article and you’ll learn some great tips.

You can make a flyer when you need one, and you can handle the design process on your own. You can do this, and it is a simple process to complete.


Gaming is becoming a real huge interest for photographers lately. The ability to transfer your photography skills over to gaming is certainly a big appeal.

So, in a nod to all the photographers who read this site, and who also gamers, we dedicate this post to you.


You have spent hours on end researching which video game system you want to buy. You have discussed it with friends, read reviews, and even spent countless hours playing each system at a friend’s house or your local electronics retailer.

Now you are ready to buy the system of your choice. You cashed your check, walked into the store, and picked out your system. Now you are on your way to the checkout counter feeling really good about your decision.

You think you are prepared. Are you? Do you have the essentials that every gamer needs? Time to grab that check list.


Nothing can ruin a great gaming experience like the wrong television. Today’s systems are much different than the ones you grew up with. Today’s systems have HDMI ports so that you can enjoy your games in high definition. So, you’ll definitely need a great gaming TV.

Real colors, fluid motion, and crisp pictures are essential to the real gaming experience. Your television should also include surround sound. Adding a sound bar can add to the experience. Your friends will be blown away when they come over at the sound coming from the screen as you play your favorite games. Want to read even more about gaming TVs? Click that link and you’ll see a lot more info.


The right gaming experience can also depend on the right place to sit. There are many options in gaming chairs. Finding the one that fits your needs and your budget is simple and a great investment.

Of course you want the most ergonomically sound chair for a comfortable experience, but if features are what you want there are chairs that can quench that thirst too. From speakers located in the seats to charging stations, you can find any chair that fits your needs.


With so many online options available in today’s market you are going to need a good high speed internet connection. There are options to play your games online against friends down the street to strangers around the world.

Some gaming companies offer bonus downloadable content. If you want these rewards and more you better make sure your internet can handle it all.


Today’s gaming systems have the options to connect to streaming content online. Your video game system can become an all-in-one entertainment system. When you are not playing your favorite games, you can stream your favorite movies or tv shows through popular services such as Hulu and Netflix.

Also, you may want to try one of the latest video games before you buy it. Game Fly is a popular service that allows you to rent video games that are delivered ot your home. For a monthly fee you can try these games as long as you like. Once you’re done you simply send the game back and get a new one.


You’ve picked out your system and sure it comes with a controller, but those are usually black and very basic. You are anything but the “basic” gamer. Why not get something that screams you. Getting a controller with your favorite professional sports team, or perhaps a character from your favorite movie or game, or even your favorite super hero will let your friends know that this is your controller.

Ladies are gamers too and there are many options out there for the ladies, maybe a hot pink controller is a way to tell your boyfriend this is mine, get your own.

There are many options when deciding what to add to your gaming experience. These are just a few of the options that are essential to that experience. Since you put a lot of time and effort in deciding which system is right for you, don’t let all that hard work go to waste with mediocre gaming surroundings.

You will find with the right TV, a comfortable gaming chair, high speed internet, Netflix, and your own controller that your gaming experience is more than just that, it is an adventure.

The Five Best Sports To Photograph

As technology has advanced and the risk of blurry photography has fallen, over the years, sports photography has become ever more dynamic – and ever more fun to do. I’ve volunteered for some local amateur teams over the past couple of years or so, and I’ve shown up at some other events, and I’ve gotta tell you, some are even better than others.

So what makes a good sport for a photographer?

* Flowing action – so there’s always something happening or about to happen to watch for* Passionate competitors – it’ll show in their faces* Fast play – the sense of motion is almost essential to sports photography* Clear objectives – so your audience knows what they’re seeing

And with that in mind, here are my favorites to shoot, and here’s why…

5. Volleyball

I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong. Find a site elevated above the court and settle in. It flows fast, play is simple to follow and predict, and it all comes down to a player’s agility and willingness to make the leap, the desperation dive, or smash the ball past the other team. Every rally gives you half a dozen or more fantastic shots once you know what to look for.

4. College Football

I’ve tried shooting baseball, and the fielding action and runs are great, but it frustrates me that catching a pitch or swing is so difficult – but with the speed those balls fly, it’s understandable. College football gives you enough errors in defense to capture some amazing plays on film and just enough time between downs to make adjustments if you need to.

3. Professional Wrestling

The lightweight competitors who dominate the small-time scenes these days are fast, high-flying athletes who do some crazy stunts on a regular basis. They call them ‘highspots’ and, when you’re looking at them through the viewfinder, that is 100% correct. Shoot from near the crowds and there’s every chance you’ll get a photo of a brightly-colored madman somersaulting out of the ring toward you, hurling a folding chair at someone, or some other, crazier move.

2. Paintball

This nearly made it to the coveted number one spot, but I couldn’t quite bring myself to do that. These miniature wars aren’t sports to everyone, but with two teams in elimination play, the winners determined by tactics, skill and athleticism, they really should be. And even the field of play is worth catching in your lens if need be. Perfection. Interested in getting into paintball yourself? Check out this site for the best paintball gun for the money.

1. Basketball

That’s right, no motorsports on the list. Basketball is a game of swift passing, dynamic moves, Hail Mary longshots and daring dunks against strong defense. How can I not give this the nod? Courtside or up in the nosebleeds, there’s no bad place for a prepared cameraman to shoot this sport.

Honorable mentions go to hockey, karate, and soccer, but minute by minute any of the top five will repay you best, at least for my money. If you haven’t tried sports photography, I recommend you practice before exhibiting, but give it a try.

It’s a whole new thrill.


House photography is an exciting activity that people undertake for various reasons; as a hobby, to sell the house or to capture memories.

Photography is generally seen as a simple task but when you actually do it, is when you will realize that it has its challenges. Below, I have listed 5 tips that will help you take those amazing, beautiful pictures of your home.

Tidy up your house.

This seems obvious but it will save you a lot of time that you might spend photo shopping a picture you took without cleaning first. A house can be messy due to pets, kids and untidy roommates. The best thing to do if you are in such an environment is to tidy up each room at a time and take the shots immediately, especially. I don’t care if you have the best toilet on the market today, if it’s not clean, it doesn’t matter.

(See more here about the best toilets, if that’s your thing).

Also, this may be tiresome but well, the photographs produced afterwards will be worth your energy and time.It’s important to make a list of the spaces you want to photograph first before you embark on it. This will help you set them up and take your pictures with different styles and designs.

Use a tripod stand.

With a tripod stand, you will take the pictures at many angles, giving the house different characters and dimensions. Afterwards you will get to choose the angle that best blandishes your house.

If you are in hurry and you don’t have time to get a tripod stand, bending a little while taking the pictures does the trick. At a bent level, you will be able to take wider room shots which help you focus on the fascinating items that you want to capture.

Consider the reflective surfaces, like mirrors, that are present in the room as you take the shots. It’s important to stay steady to avoid blur images.

Use natural light.

Unlike the human eye, the camera doesn’t automatically interpret any light present to produce the images you want. It’s best to use natural light to avoid the need of adjusting the white balance in post production.

Natural light makes the colors appear clean and fresh. If the natural light coming into your house is not enough, it’s important to decrease the shutter speed to allow for a lasting exposure. This will help you avoid using your artificial lights.

It’s important to consider the weather conditions while taking the shots. In a cloudy weather, the light is evenly diffused and therefore suitable for taking the shots. Also consider the angle of the sun to avoid the long shadows.

Shoot in RAW settings.

Balancing the electric light and natural light from outside can be challenging. This is where your camera’s RAW settings come in handy. Shooting in RAW mode helps you to adjust the final image to look just like how you want it. More photographic information is preserved when you use these settings.

Bring life into your pictures.

You can do this by adding people, pets or flowers. Sometimes even the most beautiful houses with top quality designs appear hollow without presence of life in them. People and animals make the house look fascinating and fun to live in.

In conclusion, practice makes perfect. As you take more pictures, your photographic skills will greatly improve. You will be able to take many exquisite pictures and share them with your friends. You can even start pursuing photography as your career. With these great tips, your dreams will definitely come true!

Favorite Hobbies: One Ordinary Guy’s Top Five List

Everyone knows I’m a photography freak. But what else do I enjoy doing?

Like most typical guys, I work hard, take pride in a job well-done, and try to make a positive contribution in whatever I endeavor to accomplish.


Because good hard work takes up a significant portion of my time, I have come to realize the importance of really enjoying the down-time that I have. While the natural tendency of achievement oriented people is to sometimes allow the demands of work to consume every waking moment, a healthy perspective on life is to recognize the value of recreation as a chance to refresh, reduce stress, prevent burnout, and, well…really live.

So I have compiled a list of five of my favorite hobbies. My goal here is to hopefully inspire other men to simply take the time to have fun doing something that they love.

My list is kind of diverse, probably because I have come to see the beauty in a range of activities. The point isn’t that others should follow my list, but that they should either have, or begin to develop, some enjoyable interests outside of the day-in, day-out routine of work. I assure you, the outcome can be a healthier, more relaxed, and satisfying life. Here is my list.

Favorite Physical Activity Hobbies

1) Working Out: I know, I know, you work hard all day to get good cognitive results like Alpha Brain and then….hit the weights? Yes. In fact, I not only hit the weights; I also do calisthenics-based exercises, and I run. When I started working out a few years ago, it took every bit of will-power to force myself to stay active and faithfully follow through with my training sessions. Sometimes you just need an energy booster like Shroom Tech Sport.

Now, I have come to the place where I actually look forward to, even crave, exercise. The key to my motivation has been continually adjusting my workouts to keep things fresh by occasionally adding new exercises, or shifting my training focus for a period of time from one style to another.

For example, I may do heavier weights with fewer repetitions for a few months, and then switch over to lighter weights with higher repetitions for awhile to focus more on conditioning. Speaking of conditioning, check out my second hobby.

2) Running in 5k Races: Few things in life relax my mind and allow me to feel as free as running. I would run even if I didn’t enter races, but I have found that training for a 5k is a huge motivator because it sets a goal before me.

When I enter races, I don’t do it to race against others, only to challenge myself, and to enjoy the camaraderie of other fitness-minded people. The atmosphere is truly uplifting, and it keeps me coming back for more. Each year, I try to do at least three races.

Favorite Tranquil Hobbies

3) Nature Photography: There is nothing like the peaceful reality of simply getting outside, breathing in the fresh air, and having a look around. Photography allows me to capture the beauty of some of these moments, whether in the woods or walking by the ocean.

The unique interactions between the landscapes, the sun, cloud patterns, and wildlife can be truly stunning and breathtaking. Nature photography is my form of hunting by looking for the best shot that can capture the essence of the moment, allowing it to be savored in a picture.

4) Reading: Whether sitting on the deck on a warm summer afternoon with a cold drink, or spending a few minutes clearing my mind before going to sleep for the night, I always have a couple of good books that I am slowly working my way through. It provides mental stimulation, retreat into a non-stressful space, and sheer enjoyment. I love to read biographies and sports related books, especially about baseball history.

Favorite Inspiring Hobby

5) FollowingProfessional Baseball:Ilovebaseball…I mean truly have a love and passion for the game. The strategy, drama, and history of the game all combine to create a beloved hobby for me that I simply take great delight in following throughout the year.

From my perspective, what could be better on a warm summer day than burgers on the grill, an ice-cold drink, and a ball-game on the television or radio? Sheer enjoyment.

Well, thats my top hobby list. Hopefully, it offers you some inspiration to develop your own if you have not already done so. Remember to get out and enjoy life….What will your list be?